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Yep guys, new games coming up this year. For now it'll be 3 titles :)


2011-12-26 14:27:57 by tomylee

Hey guys Please support me, you only have to click the link and press the button "VOTE" for Tomas Ayala. It's simple and you are really giving me a hand with this contest I've joined. You can also tell your friends to vote for Tomy :3

Thanks so much guys! :)

A LOT has been going on!

2011-05-21 16:35:43 by tomylee

Hey guys! A lot has been going on recently. I'm not dead (still) and I'm making awesome flash games. I haven't upload something to NG in a while but I did have uploaded some games in general to Mofunzone and Addictinggames. My latest game is FiFTY TWO, and it can be played on Addictinggames.

I haven't been active that much but I will start to be :)

I promise to post some games here SOON! (perhaps, a new game maybe :P)


2010-02-11 13:28:01 by tomylee

Hey guys, I am 20 now!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME
I'm developing some new flash games, so check them out when they come out ^_^


Hey there! I'm back. I'm a full time flash developer now. Till next year i will developing flash games and releasing 2 flash games a month =).

My next game is out in the next couple days!!!.
I also redesigned my NG layout a little, changing some images and stuff :)

What's from my life now?.
I became a professional drummer, and we are composing what it is going to be the 2nd album of the argentinian band El Cielo ( Producers of the album will be 2 members of the worldwide known Heavy Metal band "Rata Blanca".

So yeah, here it is an updated pic of me during a drum solo in a huge club with my new custom made Acrylic drum kit from the argentinian drum company SOLIDRUMS :D

The snare is a custom hybrid Acrylic-Cedar wood snare :) There only exist 2 of them, one that's mine and one that is a prototype the company has =D

So yeah, my new game is going to be called ARISE: VOLUME 1. It has 5 volumes, each one will come up 2 weeks after each volume is released :)



The slaves of freedom where there... Jailed.
Asking themselves why the world was like it is.
Ruled by the blood of their hands, it was them! THEM!
Those were who jailed us. Those were who took our freedom!.
But we all know, they had the power to change the world.
Smoke, blood and dust.
The sound of the chains, the falling rain in their shoulders.
That's Freedom... That was the freedom they were searching for.
Arising in the new order, they were just slaves.
Slaves of Chain and rain.
Those who killed the land, those who killed the day-light.
Now they are in their cells, dismembering their objects, their objects of peace.
Redeem our divine selection. Redeem our sacrified floor.
With blood and fear, they grow the nation.
With humillation and violence, they made them die.

They were not be tolerating that anymore.
They had to change it, they had to do it!
For the freedom of mankind.
So they asked themselves why.
And then reacted, and made the perfect plan.
They executed it at 2 PM,escaping trough the portal of their cells, they found it.
They found that glorious peace.
They found their life.
They found their wifes and their sons.
They found their land.
They found their dignity.
They found their grace.
They found everything they had lost,

But they never found themselves.

Comments appreciated!
I would love to know if i missed a word or something... my primary language is Spanish :S


2009-02-11 09:53:25 by tomylee

YAY i'm 19 now =D


Also, this year, lots of games are being developed :)




2008-06-29 13:58:08 by tomylee

I have been working a lot with 2 flash games...
For now, these are the tittles:

Demonic Truck 2 (Yup, the sequal. I have been working more than 6 months on this. It'll pwn!!)

Shinsetsu Bug (A moon lander like game. Nice graphics and over 15 levels of pure fun!!!!)

My most recent game is Random R. you can play it in mofunzone's account. it's a fun game :)

Thnx fo' the space NG :P

Ill post pics in some days so stay tuned!


2008-03-30 11:00:49 by tomylee

tomy here!


2008-03-24 14:17:04 by tomylee

Huh... so yeah. Everything's back to normal. I'm making some flashes like the old days. Kitty krew's got it's old members back. Uhm and yeah... like i said, everything is back to normal.
Let me tell you something. School sucks. And they are like OMG THIS GUY IS GAY. Shit i'm not a freak, i just like to paint my nails with chicks colors (I.E pink). Yeah... and i usually dress like a girl but i'm not gay.

My band is about to record in a good studio. And that is a good thing. Our tour starts this 18th April and it's going to be kickass.

So yeah... happy holidays to all and i gtg. This is an actualized pic of me ^_^:
(note my Helloween collection on the back :P, and no... im not emo... i was just posing xD)